Cloud Spanner - Google's mission critical and massively scale RDBMS with NoSQL features

2017, Apr 26    
Isn't this amazing?
A database system which blends most important relational components and highly scalable NoSQL capabilities in one system. Google call it, Cloud Spanner

As per Google, it can scale massively to hundreds of data centers around the globe. Most importantly it can speak SQL which is the strongest database language so far. 

In a nutshell, Cloud Spanner has the following features. 
  • Data consistency
  • Scales horizontally across data centers
  • Speaks SQL 
  • Strong consistency and availability at global scale
  • Massively distributed
  • ACID compliance
  • Automatic sharding and synchronous replication with low latency
  • Schema updates without downtime
  • Auto-scales up and down as needed
  • Simple pricing model  
This proves the point that eventually both relational and non-relational databases will merge!